Joseph barrows md
Diplomate of the American board of anesthesiology
Medical expert witness
Medical director

Medical expert witnesses play a crucial role in the legal system of the country. They offer their opinion evidence to help courts make important decisions.

Hi there, I am Dr. Joseph J. Barrows, MD – a medical expert witness in California. I am a Saba University of Medicine graduate and specialize in anesthesiology and surgery. I possess over 10+ years of experience as the medical director of an ambulatory surgical center (ASC) with multiple duties, including staff review and performance enhancement.

As an anesthesiology medical expert witness in California, I have advanced skills to offer professional testimony in a personal injury case. My findings can assist attorneys in evaluating the merits of a case proceeding to a lawsuit. I have the expertise to present complex medical information in a way an average person can easily understand, which is crucial for an injury lawsuit’s success. My experience working as an anesthesiologist for over a decade and extensive knowledge in capnography makes me an ideal fit for the role. I understand being an anesthesiology medical expert witness in California is not always an easy job. But I have the relevant experience and accomplishments in the industry to deliver highly professional services to my clients.

Having an expert witness like me in your team can make your case significantly more persuasive, which is the key influencer in your success. With my findings, I can help increase the credibility and present your arguments strongly. This way, you will be able to receive a higher settlement offer, or your case will be dismissed entirely.

Over the years, I have provided expert testimony and have several successful cases under my belt. I am dedicated to helping people take control of their lives by providing my expertise from the emergency room and my time as a medical director. I know how important it is to help those who have had their lives changed and want to help bring justice to their case.

As a reliable expert witness, I confine statements of relevant knowledge, include all relevant information in my testimony, and don’t disclose confidential information without consent. With expert anesthesiology and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) knowledge, I can provide the high-quality testimony you require to get the result of the case in your favor.

If you need my service as a medical expert witness, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for a consultation. I am here to assist you with my expertise wherever you live in California. I can share my work experience and fee schedule upon request. My assistance has been beneficial to many of my clients, and I can equally be of assistance to your team.